Urban Life is Being Renewed


With a natural feel.

Mosaic Town Builders is a construction and development company that connects urban spaces with the environment. Properties created by Mosaic have modern design and attention to detail that feel in-sync with the environment around them.


Culture in Motown

Experience what it’s like to live in a city with a rich history of food, music, and culture. In the hip Midtown neighborhood, you’re never far from the cultural epicenter of the city. Everything from Motown to modern-day hip hop are available in venues across Detroit, Michigan.


Small Town, Beer City

Why is Grand Rapids one of the fastest-growing cities in the Midwest? It’s more than the word-class breweries and art competitions — it’s getting to enjoy them at a slower pace. “Big city” amenities meet “small town” nice in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Laid Back Vibes

There’s something about a beach town that makes you feel relaxed even when you’re not stretched out for a tan. It could be the friendly locals, proximity to nature, or the laid back feel. Take the scenic route and enjoy the slow pace of life in St. Joseph and New Buffalo, Michigan.